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Is your fridge on the fritz? Dishwasher leaking all over the kitchen floor? Or perhaps your oven refuses to heat up just when you need it most? We get it—appliance breakdowns are a major hassle. They disrupt your daily routine, create unnecessary stress, and can even lead to costly food spoilage or water damage. But don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many Vancouver residents face these same issues, and there’s a reliable solution at hand.

At our appliance repair service, we specialize in turning your appliance nightmares into smooth-running dreams. Our team of skilled technicians is ready to tackle any problem, big or small, with efficiency and expertise. We offer same-day service across Vancouver, ensuring that your household appliances are back in working order as quickly as possible.

Skilled Expert Repairman

Experience unparalleled service with our team of skilled expert repairmen, dedicated to conduct your appliance repairs swiftly and efficiently.

Courteous & Professional

Expect nothing less than courteous and professional interactions, ensuring a pleasant and stress-free repair experience every time

Competitive Pricing

Enjoy top-quality appliance repairs at competitive prices, ensuring you get the best value without compromising on excellence.

Book Around Your Schedule

Convenience at its best: Book your appliance repairs around your schedule, with flexible appointment times tailored to fit your busy life.

Comprehensive Services

From fridge repair to oven repair and everything in between, we handle it all. Our services include:

  • Fridge Repair: Whether it’s a broken defrost timer or a malfunctioning ice maker, we can fix it.
  • Dishwasher Repair: Leaky washer? No problem. We’ll have it running smoothly in no time.
  • Oven and Stove Repair: Get your kitchen back in action with our quick and efficient repair services.
  • Washer and Dryer Repair: From minor repairs to major overhauls, we ensure your laundry appliances are in top shape.

Serving Vancouver And Surrounding Areas

Choose Our Trusted Warranty Backed Appliance Services 

Experienced Technicians

Our appliance repair technicians are not just repairmen; they are appliance whisperers. With years of experience under their belts, they can diagnose and fix issues with all major household appliances, including fridges, dishwashers, ovens, stoves, washers, and dryers. Whether it’s a minor glitch or a major malfunction, we’ve got you covered.

Affordable and Transparent Pricing

Quality repairs shouldn’t break the bank. We offer competitive rates and provide free estimates, so you know exactly what to expect. No hidden fees, just honest and affordable service.

Customer Satisfaction

Our goal is to make sure you’re completely satisfied with our service. We pride ourselves on our high customer ratings and strive to exceed your expectations with every repair job.


We Are Expert

Services We Provide

Washer Repair

If your washing machine is not draining properly, not spinning as it should, has a broken timer, is not filling up all the way, or has a leak, our expert technicians can diagnose and fix the issue promptly.


Dryer Repair

If your dryer does not heat, does not spin correctly, does not dry your clothes properly, does not start, or makes unusual noises during operation, our clothes dryer repair service will get it back to optimal performance.

Dishwasher Repair

If your dishwasher has a bad odor, a leak, a backed-up drain, does not start, or does not clean your dishes properly, our skilled technicians can provide the necessary repairs to restore its functionality.

Stove Repair

If your stove or oven does not heat, provides uneven heat when cooking, or does not give an accurate reading on the thermostat, our oven repair services will ensure your cooking appliances are in top shape.

Fridge Repair

If your refrigerator does not cool, cools too much, or makes noises or buzzing sounds, our freezer repair experts can address and resolve these issues efficiently.

Microwave Repair

If your microwave has cooking problems, touchpad failure, a plate that does not rotate, or an internal light that is not working, our professional technicians can fix these issues to get your microwave running smoothly again.

We Repair All Major Appliance Makes & Models

If you need appliance repairs in Vancouver, call us today and talk to one of our Vancouver appliance repair specialists. They’ll answer all your questions and help you arrange a same or next day service appointment.

  • Locally Owned & Operated
  • Available 7 Days A Week
  • Waranty Included
  • We Repair Most Makes & Models
  • Fully Licensed, Bonded & Insured
  • Red Seal Certified Technicians


Don’t let a malfunctioning appliance disrupt your routine. Reach out now for fast, reliable, and affordable repair services in Vancouver. Our team of experienced technicians is equipped to offer prompt and efficient repairs, ensuring your appliances are restored to full functionality quickly. Say goodbye to appliance issues and welcome smooth, uninterrupted daily living. Contact us today to schedule your repair Vancouver service and take the first step towards hassle-free appliance functionality!

Years of Experience

Our Skilled Service Technicians Offer Top-Notch Repairs

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth repairing your appliances?

Deciding whether to repair or replace an appliance involves several key considerations, including cost, age, efficiency, and environmental impact.

Cost Considerations

  • Repair Costs: If the cost of repair is less than 50% of the price of a new appliance, it is generally more economical to repair it.
  • Replacement Costs: If the repair costs exceed 50% of the cost of a new appliance, or if the appliance is nearing the end of its lifespan, replacing it might be more cost-effective.

Age and Lifespan

  • Appliance Lifespan: Appliances have an average lifespan, and the closer they are to this limit, the more likely it is that replacement is the better option. For example, refrigerators typically last around 13 years, dishwashers about 9 years, and dryers around 13 years.
  • Frequent Repairs: If an appliance has required frequent repairs recently, it may indicate that it is nearing the end of its useful life and should be replaced.

Efficiency and Technological Advancements

  • Energy Efficiency: Newer appliances are often more energy-efficient, which can lead to long-term savings on utility bills. If an older appliance is significantly less efficient, replacing it with a newer model can be beneficial.
  • Technological Features: Newer models may offer improved functionality and additional features that older models lack, which can enhance convenience and performance.

Environmental Impact

  • Reducing Waste: Repairing appliances can help reduce electronic waste and conserve resources, making it a more environmentally friendly option.
  • Sustainability: Extending the life of an appliance through repairs can contribute to sustainability efforts by reducing the need for new manufacturing and the associated environmental impact.

Warranty and Service Contracts

  • Warranty Coverage: If the appliance is still under warranty, repairs may be covered, making it more cost-effective to repair rather than replace.

Should I repair the appliance myself?

Deciding whether to repair an appliance yourself or hire a professional involves weighing several factors, including your skill level, the complexity of the repair, safety concerns, and potential costs.

Pros of DIY Appliance Repair

  1. Cost Savings: DIY repairs can save you money on labor costs. If you have the necessary skills and tools, you can avoid the expense of hiring a professional technician.
  2. Learning Experience: Successfully repairing an appliance yourself can be a rewarding experience and provide you with valuable skills for future repairs.
  3. Flexibility: You can work on the repair at your own pace and convenience, without having to schedule an appointment with a technician.

Cons of DIY Appliance Repair

  1. Safety Risks: Appliances often involve complex electrical and mechanical components. Without proper knowledge and precautions, you risk electrocution, injury, or even fire hazards. For example, working on high-voltage components in dryers or refrigerators can be particularly dangerous.
  2. Potential for Further Damage: If you misdiagnose the problem or make a mistake during the repair, you could cause additional damage to the appliance, leading to higher repair costs or the need for a complete replacement.
  3. Voiding Warranties: Attempting a DIY repair on an appliance that is still under warranty can void the warranty, leaving you responsible for any future repair costs.
  4. Time-Consuming: DIY repairs can be time-consuming, especially if you are not familiar with the appliance or the specific issue. Finding the right parts and troubleshooting the problem can take longer than expected.

When to Call a Professional

  1. Complex Repairs: If the repair involves complex electrical or mechanical work, it is safer and more efficient to hire a professional technician who has the necessary expertise and tools.
  2. Warranty Considerations: If your appliance is still under warranty, it is best to have it repaired by a professional to avoid voiding the warranty.
  3. Safety Concerns: For repairs involving high-voltage components, gas connections, or other hazardous elements, professional technicians are trained to handle these safely.
  4. Efficiency and Reliability: Professional technicians can quickly and accurately diagnose and fix the problem, often providing warranties on their work, which ensures peace of mind and long-term reliability.

Mobile appliance repair the best option?

Mobile appliance repair in Vancouver offers unparalleled convenience and efficiency, making it the best option for addressing your appliance repair needs. Here’s why:

  1. Convenience and Speed: Mobile appliance repair services come to your location, saving you the hassle of transporting heavy and bulky appliances. This means you can get your appliance repairs done quickly and efficiently without disrupting your daily routine.
  2. Professional Expertise: Mobile appliance repair services employ skilled technicians who are trained to handle a wide range of appliance issues. These professionals bring their expertise directly to your home, ensuring that your appliances are repaired correctly and safely.
  3. Comprehensive Services: Whether you need a simple fix or a complex repair, mobile appliance repair services offer a full range of solutions. From diagnosing the problem to sourcing genuine replacement parts, these services cover all aspects of appliance repair.
  4. Cost-Effective: By opting for a mobile appliance repair service, you can save money on transportation costs and avoid the potential for further damage that can occur when moving appliances. Additionally, professional appliance repair services often provide warranties on their work, giving you peace of mind and long-term savings.
  5. Timely Repairs: Mobile appliance repair services in Vancouver often offer same-day or next-day appointments, ensuring that your appliance issues are resolved promptly. This minimizes downtime and helps you get back to your normal routine as quickly as possible.

In summary, choosing a mobile appliance repair service in Vancouver ensures that you receive professional, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for all your appliance repair needs. With the convenience of on-site repairs and the expertise of skilled technicians, mobile appliance repair is the best option for keeping your household running smoothly.

Appliance Repair Vancouver & Maintenance Services Near You

Tired of dealing with a broken appliance? No worries—give us a call and we’ll help you diagnose the issue correctly and repair it quickly and affordably anywhere in Greater Vancouver, BC. Whether you’re dealing with a leaking dishwasher, a dryer that doesn’t heat, a fridge that doesn’t cool, or a stove/oven that doesn’t maintain its temperature, we provide appliance repair services on nearly all makes, models, and brands of major household kitchen and laundry appliances. Our tenured expert appliance repair technicians are professionally licensed, certified, and insured to work with your electric or gas appliances.

Vancouver Appliance Repair Experts

Across Vancouver’s vibrant appliance service industry, we stand out as one of the few appliance repair companies that provide comprehensive appliance repair help for clients across the Lower Mainland with a true same-day and next-day service policy. Whether you need dishwasher repair, refrigerator repairs, parts warranty, oven help, stove diagnostics, freezer service, washing machine balancing, or assistance with any other household appliances, we are one of the only appliance repair companies that arrive prepared, work exclusively with licensed and certified repair technicians, and provide service calls backed by a comprehensive warranty service policy.Our repair technicians serve North Vancouver, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, New Westminster, Maple Ridge, West Vancouver, and many other local areas. We offer appliance repairs such as leaky washer repair, dishwasher repair and installation, and more. Our repair company also provides a labour and parts warranty on all appliance repair services we perform. Call us today to book a same-day service call for your home appliances with our professional repair technicians anywhere in Vancouver, BC. Whether your washers need a tune-up or you need us to install a new garburator, we’re here to help with any appliance repairs you may need.

Building strong working relationships with our customers, from individual homeowners to large businesses, is something we value deeply. We offer various warranties tailored to the specific parts and labor involved in each repair. Our technicians are not only highly trained but also licensed and fully insured, ensuring that you’re completely protected from any liability.

Your peace of mind is our top priority, which is why we stand behind our work with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. As one of the best appliance repair services in Vancouver, staffed by appliance repair professionals and recognized as Vancouver appliance repair experts, we’re committed to upholding our reputation for reliability. Our operated appliance service extends throughout Vancouver and its surrounding areas, ensuring that no matter where you are, you have access to a reliable repair service that you can trust.


Swift and Dependable Appliance Repairs in Vancouver BC

Understanding the urgency of appliance malfunctions, we ensure that timing is always a priority in our service delivery. That’s why, at our appliance repair service, we’re committed to providing rapid response and repair. Our skilled repair professionals are available for same-day and next-day service appointments across the entire Vancouver metro area, ensuring your household appliances are swiftly and efficiently restored to their optimal condition.Our ability to offer prompt service is a key reason many new clients choose us.

With our team ready to provide next or same-day service, long waits become a thing of the past. Whether it’s kitchen appliances like stoves and ovens or essential laundry equipment such as washers, dishwashers, and fridges, we’re equipped to handle your needs promptly.

Centrally located in Vancouver, we’re easily accessible and deeply integrated into the community we serve. Our commitment to local service is reflected in our stellar satisfaction of numerous Vancouver homeowners and real estate professionals.

No matter if you’re in need of urgent fridge repair, same-day oven service, a quick fix for your washer, or any other appliance repair, choosing our service guarantees that your appliances are in the most capable and reliable hands. Our repair experts are dedicated to providing thorough, professional service that adheres to the highest standards, all at a fair and honest price. We also offer a comprehensive complimentry on all our work, including parts installed and labor performed, across all types of appliances, makes, models, and brands.

What Customers Are Saying

“Great guys, arrived on time and fixed my leaking fridage in record time! I will be using their appliance services for all future repairs. Thanks for the great work.”

Alexa S


“Great guys, arrived on time and fixed my leaking fridge in record time! Thanks”

Jessica P


“We have used their services a few times and always had a great experience. I have found the tech’s to be knowledgeable and friendly. Very helpful fast and efficient.”

Chris V


“Amazing service!, Mike arrived on time and my overall experience was excellent. Will recommend these guys for appliance repair in Vancouver.”

Len G


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