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Fridge not cooling? Dishwasher dripping on the floor? Oven won’t ignite when you need to cook? We know—broken appliances suck. They’re inconvenient, stressful, and can often lead to expensive repercussions like spoiled food or water damage. So what do you do when the unthinkable happens and your appliance of choice decides to give up on you? Well, you’re in good company. Appliance repair is one of the most common household issues in Vancouver, and there’s a solution.

In our appliance repair shop we make dreams come true and fix your nightmarish appliances. Our highly trained technicians will fix any issues large or small in a fast and professional manner. We provide same day or next day repair Vancouver services to the whole of Vancouver.

Trained Professional Repair Tech

Our highly trained professional repair techs make it their mission to perform your appliance repair services in the quickest and most efficient way possible.

Polite & Respectful

Polite and respectful service guaranteed to make your appliance repair a friendly and hassle free experience

Affordable Rates

High quality appliance repair at affordable appliance repair rates to provide you with the best value without compromising quality.

Schedule Anytime

Schedule appliance repair services anytime with flexible time slots to accommodate your busy lifestyle.

Whether it’s home appliance repair, fridge repair, or oven repair, we do it all. Some of the appliances we service include:

  • Fridge Repair: Defrost timer broken? Ice maker not working? No worries. We fix it.

  • Dishwasher Repair: Washer leaking? No sweat. We’ll get it fixed.

  • Oven and Stove Repair: We’ll get your cookware up and running in no time.

  • Washer and Dryer Repair: Minor washer repairs to major overhauls. We’ll get your laundry appliances performing like a champ.

Serving Vancouver And Surrounding Areas

Trust Our Warranty Appliance Repair Services

Qualified Repair Techs

These aren’t just any appliance repair technicians; they are the appliance repair professionals of the appliance world. Our repairmen have decades of combined experience fixing all types of household appliances like fridge, dishwasher, oven, stove, washer and dryer and much more. Whether you’re dealing with a minor appliance issue or a full on appliance breakdown, we’ll get it taken care of.

Fair & Clear Pricing

A quality repair shouldn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. We provide affordable appliance repair rates and free appliance repair estimates to give you a clear picture of what you’ll be dealing with. No surprises, just straight up fair pricing.

Happier Customers

We’re committed to leaving every customer 100% satisfied. We have an excellent customer rating and go above and beyond to meet or surpass your expectations every time.


Appliance Guru’s

Our Services

Washer Repair

Your washing machine not draining, not spinning properly, broken timer, not filling to capacity or leaking? Our knowledgeable technicians will diagnose and repair the problem in no time.


Dryer Repair

Clothes dryer not heating? Not spinning correctly? Not drying your clothes efficiently? Not starting? Making strange noises when in use? Our clothes dryer repair will get it functioning like new.

Dishwasher Repair

Dishwasher smelling bad? Washer leaking? Backed up drain? Not starting? Not cleaning your dishes efficiently? Our experienced technicians will perform the necessary dishwasher repairs to get it working like new.

Stove Repair

Oven or stove not heating? Heating unevenly when cooking your food? Not giving accurate reading on thermostat? Our oven repair will get your cooking appliances working like new.

Fridge Repair

Refrigerator not cooling? Cools excessively? Making noises or buzzing sounds? Our household appliance repairs team specializes in diagnosing and repairing these common problems efficiently.

Microwave Repair

Cooking problems, touchpad failure, plate not rotating, internal light not working? Our professional technicians will fix these common microwave repair issues to get you back on track.

We Repair All Major Appliance Makes & Models

If you need appliance repairs in Vancouver, call us today and talk to one of our Vancouver appliance repair specialists. They’ll answer all your questions and help you arrange a same or next day service appointment.

  • Available 7 Days A Week
  • Warranty Included
  • We Repair Most Makes & Models
  • Fully Licensed, Bonded & Insured
  • Red Seal Certified Technicians


Don’t let a broken appliance keep you down. Call now for quick, reliable and affordable repair services for major household appliances in Vancouver. Our team of highly experienced technicians will ensure your appliance is fixed efficiently and effectively to get the 100% functioning results you need. Don’t let appliance issues get in the way of your daily grind. Call today to book appliance repair Vancouver service and eliminate those inconveniences!

Years of Experience

Our Skilled Service Technicians Offer Top-Notch Repairs

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you have your appliances repaired?

There are several factors worth considering when deciding whether to repair or replace an appliance. Some of these factors include cost, age, efficiency and environmental impact.

Monetary Factors

  • Cost of Repair: If the anticipated cost of repair is less than 50% of the cost of replacement, then it is likely more cost effective to repair the appliance.

  • Cost of Replacement: If the cost of repair exceeds 50% of the price of replacement, or the appliance has 1-2 years of life left, it may be more cost effective to replace.

Age/Life Span

  • Life Span of Appliance: Every appliance has an average life span. The closer the appliance is to the end of its life span the more likely replacement will be the better choice. The life span of common appliances is as follows: refrigerator ~= 13 years, dishwasher ~= 9 years, dryer ~= 13 years.

  • Repairs: If you have had to repair the appliance frequently in the recent past, then it may be nearing the end of its life span and you should consider replacement.


  • Energy Star: Newer appliances tend to be more energy efficient which can result in savings on utility bills for years to come. If it will be a significant loss in efficiency, it may be worth it to replace the old appliance with a new energy star appliance.

  • Technology: Newer appliances tend to have better technology and more features than older models. If you like convenience, this may be an important factor.

Warranty/Service Contracts

  • Warranty: If the appliance is still under warranty, it may cover the cost of repair. In this case, it would be a cheaper alternative to replacement.

Should I attempt appliance repairs myself?

There are many considerations to take into account when deciding whether to fix a faulty appliance by yourself or to engage a professional – chief among them your competence, complexity of the repair job, safety and costs.

Pros of DIY Appliance Repair

  1. Saving Money: You save on labour charges. If your skills and tools are adequate, you save on the cost of calling in a professional appliance repairman.

  2. Gaining Knowledge: There’s a certain sense of achievement in fixing a broken appliance and if you’re able to accomplish the task, you’ve just equipped yourself with a new skill.

  3. Convenience: You don’t have to wait for a slot to be arranged for a technician to service your appliance.

Cons of DIY Appliance Repair

  1. Danger: Most appliances are a tangle of electrical wires and mechanical parts. Without the proper knowledge, tools and safety practices in place, you might get electrocuted or risk injury when attempting DIY repairs on your own. Some appliance repairs are downright dangerous – for example, the high voltage wiring of dryers or refrigerators pose serious risk of electrocution if you decide to work on them.

  2. Cause More Harm Than Good: A faulty diagnosis or mishandling of parts during a DIY repair job can lead to more breakdowns in the same appliance. This will cost you more in subsequent repair bills or force you to buy a new appliance altogether.

  3. Lose Your Warranty: If your appliance is currently under warranty, attempting a DIY repair job will void the warranty. You’ll be fully responsible for any future repairs.

  4. Takes Too Long: DIY appliance repairs tend to take longer than you expect – especially if you’re not acquainted with the appliance or the problem at hand. Sourcing for the right parts and experimenting ways to fix the issue can eat up hours of your time.

Mobile appliance repair the best option?

Mobile appliance repair in Vancouver provides the most convenient and efficient way to get your appliance repaired.

Here’s how:

  1. Convenience and Speed: Unlike other repair service, mobile appliance repair comes to you! No need to haul your heavy and sometimes bulky appliances to the shop. You simply leave it to the skilled and experienced technicians of the mobile appliance repair to take care of the job for you. Fast and with utmost convenience.

  2. Professional Expertise: Mobile appliance repair in Vancouver comes with expert technicians trained to fix any appliance problems. They are professionals who bring their knowledge and expertise to your doorstep. Not only they can fix the problem but also can recommend the best possible solution for your appliance. You can be sure that they will do the job right and in the safest way possible.

  3. Full Repair Services: Whether it’s a simple appliance tune up or a major repair, mobile appliance repair in Vancouver provides the full spectrum of services. From troubleshooting your appliance problem to finding the right original parts for your unit, mobile appliance repair has it all.

Appliance Repair Vancouver & Maintenance Services Near You

Tired of dealing with a broken appliance? No worries—give us a call and we’ll help you diagnose the issue correctly and repair it quickly and affordably anywhere in Greater Vancouver, BC. Whether you’re dealing with a leaking dishwasher, a dryer that doesn’t heat, a fridge that doesn’t cool, or a stove/oven that doesn’t maintain its temperature, we provide appliance repair services on nearly all makes, models, and brands of major household kitchen and laundry appliances. Our tenured expert appliance repair technicians are professionally licensed, certified, and insured to work with your electric or gas appliances.

Vancouver Appliance Repair Experts

Across Vancouver’s vibrant appliance service industry, we stand out as one of the few appliance repair companies that provide comprehensive appliance repair help for clients across the Lower Mainland with a true same-day and next-day service policy. Whether you need dishwasher repair, refrigerator repairs, parts warranty, oven help, stove diagnostics, freezer service, washing machine balancing, or assistance with any other household appliances, we are one of the only appliance repair companies that arrive prepared, work exclusively with licensed and certified repair technicians, and provide service calls backed by a comprehensive warranty service policy. Our professional repair services cover North Vancouver, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, New Westminster, Maple Ridge, West Vancouver, and many other local areas. We offer appliance repairs such as leaky washer repair, dishwasher repair and installation, and more. Our repair company also provides a labour and parts warranty on all appliance repair services we perform. Call us today to book a same-day service call for your home appliances with our professional repair technicians anywhere in Vancouver, BC. Whether your washers need a tune-up or you need us to install a new garburator, we’re here to help with any appliance repairs you may need.

Building strong working relationships with our customers, from individual homeowners to large businesses, is something we value deeply. We offer various warranties tailored to the specific parts and labor involved in each repair. Our technicians are not only highly trained but also licensed and fully insured, ensuring that you’re completely protected from any liability.

Your peace of mind is our top priority, which is why we stand behind our work with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. As one of the best appliance repair services in Vancouver, staffed by appliance repair professionals and recognized as Vancouver appliance repair experts, we’re committed to upholding our reputation for reliability. Our operated appliance service extends throughout Vancouver and its surrounding areas, ensuring that no matter where you are, you have access to a reliable repair service that you can trust.

Prompt and Efficient Appliance Repairs Vancouver BC

We know that when your appliances stop working, time is critical. So service time is always important to us. That’s why at our appliance repair shop we pride ourselves on fast action response and repair. We offer same day and next day appliance service and repairs by highly qualified appliance repair technicians to the entire Vancouver metro region, to get your home appliances back to working like new as quickly and conveniently as possible.Our prompt appliance repair service is an important reason that new customers select us.

With our technicians ready to service on the next or same day, you don’t have to wait forever. From kitchen appliances like stoves and ovens to important laundry appliances like washers, dishwashers and refrigerators, we have the trained staff ready to assist you.

We are centrally located in Vancouver and easily accessible, and are an integral part of the community we serve. This is demonstrated by our high satisfaction rating with many Vancouver home owners and real estate agents.

Whether you need prompt refrigerator repair, same day oven repair, washer repair, or any major appliance repair, our appliance service will assure you that your appliances are in the best and most trusted hands. Our appliance repair technicians provide professional, quality service that we stand behind, and at a honest and fair price. We provide a complete compliment for all our appliance repairs, including parts and labour, on all makes, models and brands of appliances.


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“Great guys, arrived on time and fixed my leaking fridage in record time! I will be using their appliance services for all future repairs. Thanks for the great work.”

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“Great guys, arrived on time and fixed my leaking fridge in record time! Thanks”

Jessica P


“We have used their services a few times and always had a great experience. I have found the tech’s to be knowledgeable and friendly. Very helpful fast and efficient.”

Chris V


“Amazing service!, Mike arrived on time and my overall experience was excellent. Will recommend these guys for appliance repair in Vancouver.”

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