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Welcome to your Burnaby appliance repair solution! Whether it’s a wonky washing machine, a finicky dryer or any kitchen appliance causing you grief, you’re in the right place. Our Burnaby appliance repair expertise means our team is ready to fix your appliances.

We know how much a broken appliance can disrupt your daily life, so we’re committed to fast and efficient Burnaby appliance repair solutions, including quality appliance repairs and same day appliance repair service, to get your household appliances back to normal. Let us take the hassle out of appliance breakdowns and show you why we’re the go-to appliance repair in Burnaby.


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Technicians You Can Trust

Our appliance repair technicians are honest and to the point. With transparent pricing and quality parts we offer the best appliance repair in Burnaby. Our service call process is reliable and professional, ensuring that your appliance issues are diagnosed and addressed efficiently.

Appliance Repair Services You Can Count On

You can count on our Burnaby home appliance repair services to be reliable and professional. We provide efficient repair services to ensure your appliances are quickly and effectively restored to normal, like new.

No Surprise Pricing

Washer and dryer repairs require new appliance parts. We don’t want to shock our customers with surprise pricing for parts and appliance repair Burnaby.


We Work Around Your Schedule

We offer flexible scheduling because we care. Our team will work around your schedule to get you a appliance repair Burnaby service when you need it.

Burnaby Appliance Repair Service

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Burnaby Appliance Repair Experts

Our team has years of experience and expertise to deliver the best appliance repair in Burnaby. We know each household appliance repair is different—some may be complex and require attention to detail, others may be straightforward.

Many customers have shared positive experiences with various local appliance repair companies, including totem appliance repair, praising their expertise, professionalism, and customer satisfaction.

Our customers know we’re honest and transparent. We assess and communicate every appliance repair job we do so you know exactly what your appliance needs.

In the heart of Burnaby our appliance repair services stand out because of our team of appliance repair technicians. They’re dedicated and focused on excellence so every Burnaby appliance repair job they do is done with precision and knowledge of each individual challenge.

This approach fixes the problem and also extends the life and performance of your household appliances so we’re the go-to appliance repair in Burnaby.

For Burnaby appliance repair call us today. 604-373-1763 for your free repair quote.

Appliance Repair Experts

Services We Provide

Washing Machine Repair

Washers need repair every now and then and you can spot a faulty washer by looking for these issues, it’s time for appliance repair Burnaby:

●      Not draining

●      Timer is broken

●      Waterline is low when filling

●      Leaking or water pooling

●      Spinning cycle is not working

●      Washer repair

Dryer Repair

Washers and dryers are the most used household appliances so it’s no surprise they’ll need a repair at some point. Getting a repair before issues get worse will save you from replacement. Look out for these common dryer signs it’s time for a repair:

●      Change in heat

●      Change in spin cycle

●      Starter issues

●      Operational errors

●      Dryer repair

Dishwasher Repair

If your dishwasher is showing any of these symptoms, it may be time for a dishwasher repair Burnaby:

●      Bad smell

●      Leaking

●      Drain back-up

●      Won’t start

Stove / Oven Repair

Look for these signs you might need a stove or oven repair, a job for a professional appliance repair technician:

●      Faulty thermostat reading

●      Food not cooking evenly

●      Won’t heat

●      Oven repair

Fridge / Freezer Repair

If your fridge stops cooling call us right away to avoid a mess of spoiled food. When it comes to Burnaby home appliances repair timely intervention will save you from inconvenience and extra cost. If you notice any of these issues with your fridge or freezer call us for a quick assessment:

●      Strange or new noises

●      Fridge or freezer is too cold or not cold enough

Microwave Repair

Microwave Repair

Your microwave may need repair if you notice some signs. For quick appliance repairs especially if you’re looking for repair services in Burnaby act fast. Here are the signs to look out for that means your microwave needs professional attention:

●      Microwave is not cooking food properly

●      Microwave touchpad is not working

●      Internal light issues

●      Rotation problems

Brands We Repair

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Between washer and dryer repairs oven repairs we know appliances and can make it stress free for you. Call us 604-373-1763 to book your home appliance assessment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Years of Experience

Our Skilled Service Technicians Offer Top-Notch Repairs

How much will my appliance repair cost?

A broken home appliance shouldn’t stop your daily routine. For honest, fast and precise appliance repair assessment and repair call us. Our technician will first thoroughly inspect your home appliance to diagnose the issue.

After the initial inspection we’ll provide you with a detailed breakdown of the repair process so you can make an informed decision with us.

We promise to not only provide great appliance repair services but also transparent pricing. We don’t mark up prices to keep our customer relationships intact. For every repair job we provide our customers with a detailed list of parts ordered and services performed so there’s no surprises on the invoice.

By choosing us for your appliance repair needs you’ll get a service that values transparency, efficiency and quality so your appliances will be up and running without delays or hidden costs.

Do you use original replacement parts?

When it comes to Burnaby appliance repair we stand by our commitment to quality and reliability. We know the importance of using only direct manufactured parts to ensure the longevity and efficiency of your home appliances. Our technicians are trained to identify the exact parts your appliances need. But sometimes a part may be discontinued or not available in the market. In such cases our team doesn’t stop there, we go the extra mile to source a compatible part so your appliance repair service isn’t delayed because of unavailable parts.

Our technicians are not only knowledgeable with various home appliances but also have the creativity to solve complex problems with creative solutions. This approach ensures your Burnaby appliance repair is done to the highest standard using parts that’s compatible with your devices so it will extend its life and performance.

By choosing us you’re choosing a team that values your home appliances functionality and efficiency so it will run smoothly and reliably. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction makes us the top choice for Burnaby appliance repair so you can have peace of mind your appliances are in good hands.


Do you install appliances?

In the world of Burnaby appliance repair we offer a wide range of repair services including specialized washer repair so all your home appliances are running at its best. Our team of highly trained appliance repair technicians can diagnose and fix any problem so we’re the top appliance repair in Burnaby. Whether it’s a complex repair Burnaby needs or routine maintenance our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction is unshakeable.

We know sometimes an appliance is beyond repair so we’re here to help with more than just repair services. From repair to replacement we offer secure and high quality installation services so your new home appliance will be running at its best. Our appliance repair technicians handle each installation with care ensuring the longevity and efficiency of your appliance from washer repair to the latest home appliance technology.

Our repair services covers a wide range of household appliances so whether you need washer repair, refrigerator maintenance or any other appliance repair you have access to top notch expertise in Burnaby. We pride ourselves in providing fast, efficient and effective solutions so your home will run smoothly with no interruptions.

When you choose our Burnaby appliance repair services you’re entrusting your home appliances to professionals who not only fix but also improve the performance and life of your appliances. Let us take the hassle out of appliance repair and installation so you can have peace of mind and the highest level of service in Burnaby.

What to expect when getting a appliance repair in Burnaby?

Our commitment to the community of Burnaby is rooted in our love for what we do and it’s our customers loyalty that keeps us going. In return we promise to deliver the best appliance repair services in the area. Specializing in Burnaby appliance repair our team of highly trained appliance repair technicians is the leader in providing repair services that meet and exceed customer expectations.

We know how important household appliances are to your daily life so we make sure every Burnaby repair is done with professionalism and speed. Our expertise covers a wide range of repair services from common problems to complex ones that requires high level of skill and knowledge. This broad approach to repair services means we can fix any problem you have so we’re the one stop solution for all your appliance needs.

At the core of our services is a team of dedicated appliance repair technicians who have years of experience and customer centric approach to every job. Their dedication to excellence and continuous training on the latest repair techniques means your appliances are in good hands. Whether it’s routine maintenance or emergency repairs our team is equipped to provide fast, reliable and effective solutions to get your appliances back to its best.

We pride ourselves on the trust and satisfaction of our customers and it’s this foundation that drives us to be the best in appliance repairs in Burnaby. When you choose us for your appliance repair needs you’re not just getting a service provider you’re getting a partner who values the performance and life of your household appliances as much as you do. Let us show you why we’re the trusted choice for appliance repair in Burnaby where our commitment to quality, reliability and customer satisfaction is unbeatable.

What Customers Are Saying

“Great guys, arrived on time and fixed my leaking fridage in record time! I will be using their appliance services for all future repairs. Thanks for the great work.”

Alexa S


“Great guys, arrived on time and fixed my leaking fridge in record time! Thanks”

Jessica P


“We have used their services a few times and always had a great experience. I have found the tech’s to be knowledgeable and friendly. Very helpful fast and efficient.”

Chris V


“Amazing service!, Mike arrived on time and my overall experience was excellent. Will recommend these guys for appliance repair in Vancouver.”

Len G


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